Robert Pattinson is afraid of buying a house

Robert Pattinson is afraid of buying a house

Breaking Dawn actor Robert Pattinson surely has enough money floating around to afford a home purchase, but has admitted to freaking out when he was about to plunk down the cash.

He mostly lives in hotels, yet even though he has the desire to settle down in his own place, he thinks that his work as an actor means it’s not the right time to do so.

In a recent interview he said, “I came close to buying a house in Los Angeles, but twenty minutes from signing the contract I freaked out. So I don’t own a house or have a home. It can drive you a bit crazy not having any kind of anchor. Hopefully it will settle down some time soon but for the next few years I’m going to be filming all over the place.”

In order to feel more stable, he even got his dog, Bear. He added, “I thought I would get a dog. Then wherever the dog was would kind of be my home. Bear was two days from euthanasia. We thought he was traumatized by his near-death experience.”

Perhaps one day he’ll put down some roots! A dog is a good place to start, don’t you think?

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