Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Have Moved Back In Together

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Have Moved Back In Together

It appears that Robert Pattinson and Krirsten Stewart have put all of their relationship drama behind them and have even moved back in together! Are “Twilight” fans shocked by this?

After she was caught having an affair with married director Rupert Sanders, it didn’t appear that the future boded well for Rob and Kristen. She quickly addressed the cheating speculation by confirming it and apologizing to Rob for her indiscretion. Now, it appears that they are leaving the past in the past and are moving on together.

An insider revealed, “They are living together and have reconciled.”

The duo aren’t exactly returning to the way things were before the cheating scandal made headlines, but they are working on things together. Kristen revealed in her apology that she still loves Rob, but it was followed up with the both of them moving out of their shared home in Los Angeles.

Things have taken a turn for the better with their reconciliation after they “had a dramatic makeup”. Rob is said to be “extra-sensitive right now”, with a source adding, “He’s insecure.”

If they are going to move forward, then they have to work on her building that trust back up. They had it once — can they do it again?

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