Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart spotted partying

Even though they were rumored to have broken up, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were said to be partying it up together!

Hollywood Life reports:

Vampires know how to party — at least that’s what the cast of Breaking Dawn is tweeting! Vampires and werewolves came together Jan. 8, for what cast members are calling “a crazy fun Saturday night!” We know the Volturi and Cullens were shooting their promotional posters that same day, so it seems they threw a bash after! It’s probably likely that it was also a bit of a going away party too, since most of the Volturi scenes have been shot, and Dakota Fanning will be leaving!

I wonder if any of the rumors surrounding these two are true. Things are so crazy with them. One minute, reports fly that they’ve kissed, the next minute they’re moving in together or breaking up. What’s the truth?!??

BONUS: The above photo is from the filming of Breaking Dawn!

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  • delle1

    Never for 1 min believed that they’ve broken up…why would they?

  • Papa

    Totally, I never thought they’ve broken up. You can just tell how they look at each other, idiot taploids.

  • anon

    if they are not already married; they certainly act like they are. they are devoted and support each other.

  • sharon

    They had a VooDoo wedding in NOLA remember? The tabloids reported it a couple of months ago!

  • sandy kelley

    people are saying that robert and kristen were dancing.
    i can see them at the party, but not getting down on the dance floor.
    i am happy that everyone has fun with each other. :)

    i think they are cute, and if they are happy with each other then i am happy they found each other.