Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s Relationship In Trouble?

Robert Pattinsom & Kristen Stewart's Relationship In Trouble?

Is the relationship between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart going through a rocky patch? Is there trouble in paradise for the Twilight co-stars and real life lovebirds? There might be!

Kristen might just be getting the silent treatment from Rob after not properly taking care of his unibrow. Ha. What a thing to pick a fight over!

The twosome were on a flight to Paris for a romantic break, but they had a fight over Rob’s facial hair and didn’t speak at all.

A source revealed, “Kristen turned to Rob at an even in front of at least eight people and said, ‘Your eyebrows are long overdue, sweetheart.’ Robert was fuming and went bright red with embarrassment and anger. They had a massive row and didn’t talk to each other for the next twelve hours.”

This isn’t the first time they’ve had issues, either. The source went on to say, “That’s what they do – they go into silent mode when they row. Kristen is incredibly bossy and forward with Robert when she feels like it and it causes a lot of tension between them. Her unsubtle way of criticizing him and putting him in his place never goes down well. This eyebrow saga is just the latest in a long line of bust-ups.”

We’re sure they will survive this little spat, don’t you think?

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s Relationship In Trouble? was last modified: March 12th, 2012 by Megan Lindsey
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  • Nanci Wass

    It’s very well documneted that he (with others involved) have been known to tease her about her idiosyncraisies over the years. On public interviews, on TV and on the movie set. It’s part of their relationship. They can laugh at each other. I’ve even heard him joke about that very thing. I think the whole story is total B.S.  

  • Debrarivera7

    This story is CRAP! 

  • Nanci Wass

    You’ve got that right – “Crap” it is – we should be used to this by now, but it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one that gets pissed off when people try to make trouble for Rob & Kris. I always feel like I have to defend them.

  • Lucy

     Well, this story sure did give me a good laugh. LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE AND STOP TALKING SHIT ABOUT THEM.

  • Babymax79936

    This is craziness! Let these kids enjoy their relationship. There are plenty of real issues the will have to conquer let not made stuff up. The always look pissed when hounded by the paparazzi.

  • Nanci Wass

    They sure do look pissed everytime – especially in airports. If you go back and look at any photos with them together in an airport or even by themselves, they look pissed which is exactly what happened here. Not to mention a long flight. Not to mention that they were followed non-stop around Paris. YIKES!!!!

  • Michiboo

    I feel if anything happens between them to break them up it will be because of the paparazzi’s constent interuption. It is truely sad that they can’t enjoy each other’s time together and being able to go out and have a little fun because there will always be camera’s flashing.  How many pic’s does it take??? Come on guys

  • Jrt

    I think this is a stupid made up crap story!  This one is really dumb.  Unbelievable! laughable!  

  • Karensharpe

    Oh yeah, I believe this and also that Kim Kardashian is a brilliant mind and Rush Limbaugh really supports women’s rights. 

  • robsten fan

    this  is  media crap…nothing  else to report…rob  and kristen  dont  feed them anything…so media makes up something for posts….i am  not  looking any any of this yellow journal anymore until they come out to promote their movies…i suggest other fans do the same…rob  and kristen…dont look at this junk…

  • Jspattzfan

    This is total B.S.

  • Sohini Isabella

    i think they will patch up soon. 

  • Bbav754

    I can’t believe how many times you people try and make so much out of nothing, and this is nothing really. Everyone has bad day’s and good day’s, they both were so busy while away I’m sure kristen was so tired and so was Rob, they are always busy doing this and that and running here and there, I mean they should really take a vacation, a real one.