Robert Pattinson Parties Without Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson Parties Without Kristen Stewart

STOP THE PRESS! Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart aren’t joined at the hip! AND (add media sensationalism here), he went out partying WITHOUT her! Oh the humanity!

You know what else, I’m sure there were girls wherever he was drinking and hanging out with friends. To pull a usual quote from Hollywood Life, “Should Kristen Stewart be worried?!??” Umm. NO.

They don’t have to go everywhere together, they both have their individual careers and lives. Kristen is busy filming Snow White And The Huntsman in England and Rob is in Los Angeles. OMG U GUISE! He went out to the Soho House and partied until the wee hours of the morning.

By the time you read this, HL will already have something up about how Kristen is working with a GUY on the set of her new movie, and they’ll be asking if Rob should be worried. Ha.

News is boring today.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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  • Isabella

    You know I have to say that you are right.
    HollywoodLife writes crap and makes everything
    disgusting. You guys seem to print the truth, well
    as much of it that’s out there. And the guy did
    nothing wrong, did they also report that after the
    club, Rob stopped for burgers, and then went
    home by HIMSELF.   Give this guy a break, he
    did nothing wrong…..

  • Nataliegrn8

    OMG !!!!!!!!  jesus the very cheek of it HE PARTIES ALL NIGHT without K OMG i bet she is now on the phones screaming at him and is depressed and wondering if she should stay with him. Don’t forget if there is a female near him then he has defo slept with her. LOL nice to see a story that doesnt jump on the usual band wagon of TROUBLE FOR ROBSTEN.