Robert Pattinson Struggles With Fame

Robert Pattinson Struggles With Fame

British actor Robert Pattinson has opened up about his struggle with fame. He recently revealed that he was unable to make any good friends when he first got to the States. What a shame, right? We’re sure that there are plenty of people out there who would have liked Rob as their close pal, no?

When speaking on the topic of fame, he revealed, “Fame is a fight to survive! Some people can’t take it and freak out, but I can understand that. With paps hiding everywhere, it’s really difficult to meet new people and have new experiences.”

He added, “When I got to the U.S. for Twilight, I only knew people who gave me a ride since I couldn’t drive. They’re my oldest friends.”

Still, even after all of that, we’re sure that there are plenty of girls and guys out there who would like to call him their friend.

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