Robert Pattinson To Hunt Saddam Hussein In ‘Mission: Blacklist’

Robert Pattinson To Hunt Saddam Hussein In 'Mission: Blacklist'

Attention “Twilight” fans – your idol Robert Pattinson is set to move away from his role as Edward Cullen in a huge way. According to the latest Hollywood gossip, Pattinson is signing up for a new role in the movie “Mission: Blacklist”.

The movie is about the search for and capture of Saddam Hussein. Pattinson is said to be starring as interrogator Eric Maddox, the man who ran the investigation to locate the former Iraqi dictator. The movie will go to Cannes this year and is based on Maddox’s book “Mission: Blacklist #1”.

This year, Pattinson is starring in “Bel Ami”, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two” and “Cosmopolis”.

Will you see one of Robert Pattinson’s movies this year? Are you a fan of the “Twilight” actor? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

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