Robin Thicke Tried To Save Paula Patton Marriage


In case you hadn’t heard, Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton have gone their separate ways. The couple has been plagued by rumors that they’ve had an open marriage for quite some time. He was also said to be cheating on her with multiple women, so apparently all of that has finally taken its toll on their union.

Last Friday, when Robin learned of Paula’s plans to leave him for good, he cancelled his concert in Atlanta and flew to Canada to plead with her to stay with him. She’s there filming a movie, but we’re guessing that these last minute crisis talks came a little too late.

A source revealed, “Robin abruptly cancelled his show, saying he had throat problems. But the cancellation was solely so he could sit with his wife and try to change her mind. They had a long, face-to-face talk, both acknowledging they had not been getting along and frequently arguing.”

The source said, “In the end Robin realized Paula was determined to end the marriage and reluctantly agreed, but was very upset. She was also upset.”

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