Rock of Love: Meet the parents

This show had me cracking up. Seriously, VH1 has got some good writers.

The show started off with Bret treating the girls and their parents to lunch, rock clothes shopping, and then a dinner. First up were Heather and her parents. They went to eat at one of Bret’s favorite places, which just happened to have a mechanical bull. Heather rode the bull and her dad downed a beer bong. All was good.

Then, Bret picked up Jes and her parents and took them out shopping for rock and roll wear. They had a great time and it was apparent to Bret that Jes got along well with her parents.

Afterwards, Bret took Lacey and her parents to dinner. This is where the drama began. Lacey’s dad starts talking about how she has her own money and if they get married, there’s going to be a prenup. Bret’s like, hold up, who said anything about getting married?!??

The girls find out that Lacey’s parents don’t really know the person that she’s become since living with them in the house. Then Lacey starts talking smack about Heather to Bret and that set Heather off.

I was a little creeped out about Lacey’s dad and how he was looking/leering at Heather when they came back. He is a weird one.

In the end, Lacey finally got the axe!!! Woot!!!

Rock of Love: Meet the parents was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • dexie

    hilarious. Jess didn’t even have to do anything,,hehehe. i’m so glad Lacey is out.

  • Roberta

    I know, right….lol

    All Jes did was sit back and watch the fireworks…She doesn’t even have to try. She said that she’s going to step up her game for the finale. I can’t wait to see it, this show is hilarious.