Rumor: Is Morrissey Dead?

23476m_morrissey_b_gr_01We’re hearing rumors that have been unsubstantiated, suggested that iconic singer Morrissey has passed away. We have not received any official confirmation of said rumor, but stay tuned.

We’ve checked his official website along with his Wikipedia page and there have been no updates to suggest his passing.

Stay tuned….

PLEASE NOTE: This is just a RUMOR at this point. We’re keeping our ear to the ground!

Update: Haven’t heard anything else to substantiate this rumor. Thankfully, because we’ve had enough death for 2009 already.

Update: We’ve received a statement from Morrissey’s publicist that he’s just alive and well. Thank God! He’s just another victim of the celebrity death hoaxes that are going around. Who’s next, Bono?

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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