Rumor: Lindsay Lohan dead?

Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan has died, at the young age of only 24 years old. There are no reports of this from any reliable sources, such as TMZ or the L.A. Times, so we’re going to take this as a rumor, solely until we hear otherwise.

The rumor stated that Lindsay overdosed from crack, but I highly doubt that’s true. Someone took the time to update her Wikipedia entry to show that she’s deceased as of July 14, 2010, but there are no details surrounding her supposed death.

The last tweet from Lindsay’s official Twitter account was from eleven hours ago. We’re calling hoax until we hear something to the contrary.

Stay tuned…

Update: Kim Kardashian just tweeted, “Omg!! Is @lindsaylohan dead?! I keep hearing these rumors from my friends n stuff!! Is it true?!”

We’ll keep you posted…

Sleep deprived update: That was a fake Kim Kardashian. The real one doesn’t care enough to tweet.

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