Rumor: Lindsay Lohan dead?

Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan has died, at the young age of only 24 years old. There are no reports of this from any reliable sources, such as TMZ or the L.A. Times, so we’re going to take this as a rumor, solely until we hear otherwise.

The rumor stated that Lindsay overdosed from crack, but I highly doubt that’s true. Someone took the time to update her Wikipedia entry to show that she’s deceased as of July 14, 2010, but there are no details surrounding her supposed death.

The last tweet from Lindsay’s official Twitter account was from eleven hours ago. We’re calling hoax until we hear something to the contrary.

Stay tuned…

Update: Kim Kardashian just tweeted, “Omg!! Is @lindsaylohan dead?! I keep hearing these rumors from my friends n stuff!! Is it true?!”

We’ll keep you posted…

Sleep deprived update: That was a fake Kim Kardashian. The real one doesn’t care enough to tweet.

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  1. yeah i just heard the same thing.. i kinda dont believe.. it would all over stuff.

  2. keemster

    so sad …

    • that people are lying about her dying, yeah, kinda

  3. its true

  4. yes it is true!!!!!!

  5. Its true.

    • omg???? how did she die???? seriously shes my age????

    • Mick Jagger

      TMZ just said it

    • 4ailchan

      it's a rumor spread by 4chan. They're spreading it across all channels in an attempt to make people believe it. Anyone saying it's been confirmed are lying. Flip to any news channel. There is nothing about it.

  6. loyaleffayygee


    • it's not true, and if it was, it wouldnt be terrible. it'd be great b/c it'd be one less drug addicted whore off the planet

  7. it's true

  8. its true

  9. nubzilla

    its true

  10. x1337xgamersscrubs

    I dont really know what to think, but im pretty sure its true.

  11. Kremenadla

    im so say

  12. ITS TRUE!

  13. its true

  14. I'm pretty sure this is true. :(

  15. David Walsh

    this is 100% true.

  16. heard it ALL OVER twitter from a lot of reliable sources D: wow she actually died! :( SO SADDENING

    • yeah, because everyone knows the real truth is spread on the internet. idiots like you need to stop thinking everything from a so called "reliable source" is really true.

  17. codystorm

    yeah its true and very sad

  18. its true i know for true!!!!!!!!!!

  19. thayer fisher

    She died its true, ive been crying for the last hour… RIP

  20. its true no joke

  21. I just heard its true!

  22. this is true!!!!

    • no it's not, i hope you die for spreading fake stories of other people's deaths.

  23. Scotty Sumter

    It is true… Unfortunately… I saw it on the news here in Georgia but I don't normally watch news… I was just flipping through the TV. I don't watch a specific news channel so its not like I memorized the channel and which news station it was but I saw it.

  24. Wow so sad

  25. it true!

  26. Goodbye, Lindsay Lohan. You will always be remembered as a bitch who was in a hoax. By that, I mean nobody notable has this posted, as in news. It's not true.

  27. Whoa whoa whoa… by what evidence do we know for sure???

  28. She didnt overdose on crack but apparently advil she smuggled in to prison!

  29. CdShadow

    Fuck F@G Marshy FTW

    -Rip LL

  30. KillyStar

    I love her so much can't believe shes dead :(

  31. That Wikipedia page has not been changed and she has miraculously been brought back to life! lol

  32. rocketsauce

    i love when people post wikipedia as stone cold evidence of truth…you guys realize it's publicly editable, right?

  33. Business

    Sad but true. CNN just confirmed ! :(

  34. OverlordQ

    Wow, you guys are retards.

  35. Natalia Verikova

    Ummm how is it all of you people are saying it's true when I can't find a single damn thing on the net that says she is?
    Links, please.

  36. Natalia Verikova


  37. dummies why do u hate her so much she just needs some help not slander

    • because shes a whore who just keeps making the world worse everyday of her pathetic drug addicted existence

  38. i hope she sues the hacker who lied

    • I hope you get raped in the ass by a hard working black man

  39. dont believe it… we will be seeing her by or before july 20th

  40. she is alive

  41. thats not funny dummies

  42. terrible hoax leave lindsay alone

  43. 4ailchan

    it's a rumor spread by 4chan. They're spreading it across all channels in an attempt to make people believe it. Anyone saying it's been confirmed are lying. Flip to any news channel. There is nothing about it.

  44. i hope god forgives you for your sins of lies and deceit

    • god isn't real, stop spreading bullshit. he's just an imaginary character that people rely on because they cant handle everyday life. they turn to him for help, and then blame him the next minute. it's just another excuse for people to push the blame in another direction so they dont have to take responsibility for their lives. you're living a lie, and the sooner you face reality, the sooner you can realize what all the other truly intelligent people in the world like i have realized.

  45. Oh FFS people, this rumor has no basis whatsoever. If you go check that same Wikipedia page now, the information about her "death" has been removed and identified as page vandalism. What is with people jumping to these conclusions so quickly?

  46. Lindsay Lohan — Someone Get Me a Lawyer!

    7/14/2010 1:00 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

  47. Except it no longer says that on wiki..

  48. not going to work if it it's been changed back, but whatever…. have fun.

  49. PudencePuhlmann

    Its true… :[
    Really sad.
    She took a wrong turn in her life, but still, sad :[

  50. @Kevin_Clyburn

    R.I.P Lindsay Lohan

  51. @nickk212

    ur retarded way to ruin it

  52. Thank God!!! All she did is create drama on the news, and acted like a royal bitch about it. Anyone who says they care is an obvious liar.

  53. evil lie and a hoax i hope the person who spread that rumor finds Jesus

    • they cant, jesus is just a peasant from the middle east who was executed because the king was afraid he'd cause an uprising with his followers. he never died for our sins, and the bible is just another book written by someone that stupid people follow because they cant accept that they are only here to live and then die. it's a sad really.

    • Taylor sucks

      I hope you choke on your mom's hairy ballsack

  54. You fail. You posted a Tweet from 'Kim Kardashain" LMAO

  55. Lindsay is now a PROSTITUTE !!!!!!!!!! Who wants to pay her $1,000 for sex?

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