Russell Brand Already Dating After Katy Perry Marriage Split

Katy Perry Was A Fool For Trusting Russell Brand?

The latest issue of Life & Style magazine claims that Russell Brand has already moved on from estranged wife Katy Perry. They were married in October 2010 and he filed for divorce in December 2011, so isn’t it reasonable to assume that that Russell waited long enough? Remember, he’s had a track record of being a bit of a womanizer…so two months to him is like an entire year to normal folks.

Apparently the guys at Life & Style have been following Rusty around and have seen him with a woman. The tabloid reveals that 25-year-old model Oriela Medellin Amieiro was already seen leaving Russell’s house in Los Angeles.

An eyewitness said, “It was about 9:30 in the morning, and I saw them getting into a Range Rover. She’d obviously stayed over at his house because she was in evening clothes and high heels. She threw her head back and laughed – it looked like she was having a good time.”

Now, a friend of the former couple says that Katy is wondering if Russell was the “changed man” that he claimed to be when they tied the knot. She confessed to a friend, “I’m such a fool. I believed in him.”

In addition, the magazine’s source claims that Russell is a chick magnet wherever he goes. Seriously? A source said, “Russell is very flirty with the ladies. He gets a lot of phone numbers – the women just hand over their numbers and he takes them.”

The pal added, “It’s very disturbing to Katy that he’s moved on so quickly. She was shocked to hear that he was out partying again and trying to pick up girls. It sickens her – she feels humiliated and burned.”

This is the same woman who basically wears cupcakes on her boobs and has blue hair…We doubt that was the first time she felt humiliated.

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  • Spinisnottruth

    She was the one who partied while he stayed home – did she think a recovering addict would enjoy club-hopping ’til dawn? She was the one who went to Hawaii for Christmas when they had planned to go to London. She was the one getting all friendly in Hawaii with a member of her stage crew. She was the one appearing in public without her wedding ring before he filed for divorce. Can’t wait for his book to be published – it should wipe that innocent pout right off her.

    • JamesFreebeck

       Everyone knows Hollyweird types are total freaks. I’m sure she is just as bad as any of them.