Russell Brand Ignored Katy Perry’s Attempts To Save Their Marriage?

Katy Perry really wanted to save her 14-month marriage to comedian Russell Brand, but had to accept that it was finally over when he refused to attend marital counseling. She wanted them to undergo counseling as a last ditch effort to save their marriage, but Russell wasn’t into it.

Reportedly, she reached out to Russell to prevent their divorce, but he just plainly told her that their marriage was over and that she needed to move on. How rude!

A pal said, “She has been quite down. She really thought she could sort it out with Russell.”

Last weekend, Katy and Russell were both in Los Angeles, but it wasn’t for the meeting she was hoping for. Instead, she left when he arrived and finally accepted that there is nothing she can do.

The pal added, “Even with the divorce papers being served she was convinced that a meeting could make him realize why they fell in love.”

Alas, that didn’t work. Subsequently, she unfollowed him on Twitter and is moving on with her life.

Do you think they should give it another try? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Photo Credit: Solarpix,

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