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Russell Brand Removes Katy Perry Tattoo

Russell Brand Removes Katy Perry Tattoo

Russell Brand and his former wife Katy Perry opted to get identical Sanskrit tattoos in the inside of their arms in 2010. It was shortly after they announced their engagement that they got the matching ink.

Now that he has filed for divorce after being married for 14 months, it appears that now is the time to get the tattoo removed. In the early hours of the Shamrock Tattoo studio in Hollywood on Saturday, Russell went there with his new girlfriend, Nikolett Barabas and opted to get the ink permanently removed.

Nikolett has already been gushing about Russell, saying, “He’s amazing, so funny, he’s beautiful. I like being with him; he’s amazing, so amazing. He’s a good person.”

It sounds to us as if she is trying to make Katy jealous. What do you think?

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