Ryan Gosling Threatened Over Eva Mendez’s Relationship With Her Ex?

Ryan Gosling Threatened Over Eva Mendez's Relationship With Her Ex?

Ryan Gosling’s relationship with Eva Mendes is going strong, but she hasn’t yet cut ties with her former flame George Gargurevich. Why is she still talking to this guy? She’s with Ryan Gosling for crying out loud! This is “Noah” from “The Notebook”! What’s wrong with Eva?!?

She dated George for eight years, but still has business dealings with him. A source said, “Back in October, Eva and Ryan were constantly fighting because George was still living in his and Eva’s shared home. Ryan flipped out about it. George finally moved out, but now the two are going to be working together on their new home accessories line, Vida. Ryan hates their constant communication and just wants it to end.”

Eva doesn’t feel that she can kick George from the Vida project, because it was actually his idea. The source went on to say, “Ryan keeps telling her to just buy him out, but she doesn’t feel right firing him. Plus, Eva actually really values George’s opinion and friendship. Why should she have to banish him from her life just because Ryan feels threatened?”

Have you seen this guy? Does Ryan have anything to worry about here?

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