Ryan Knight Dead; Cause Of Death Drug Overdose?

Ryan Knight Dead; Cause Of Death Drug Overdose?

“Real World New Orleans” star Ryan Knight has passed away from a possible drug overdose at the age of 29-years-old. Reportedly, he was out partying on Wednesday night, but was found dead on Thursday morning. TMZ reports:

Several of Ryan’s friends tell TMZ … he was out partying Wednesday night with a bunch of people and ended up at a friend’s house. We’re told a friend found him dead Thursday morning. The friend said he had choked on his own vomit.

Several people who were in contact with Knight while he was partying tell us he had taken “some pills” but they were not specific.

Friends tell us Ryan was upbeat Wednesday night. He was saying he was dating someone new who made him extremely happy.

Sources have said that Knight began taking pills in high school after suffering from a hockey related injury. Reportedly, he got hooked on the drugs from there and was unable to resist them when partying.

Let’s hope that his bad decisions will help to steer other people away from this destructive path. Rest in peace, Ryan Knight, we hardly knew you. Our condolences go out to his family and close friends in the wake of this tough time.


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