Ryan Kwanten’s Leaked Nude Photo Is Fake

Ryan Kwanten's Leaked Nude Photo Is Fake


Earlier today, we got wind of a nude photo of True Blood actor, Ryan Kwanten. He plays the bumbling brother of Sookie Stackhouse, Jason, on the hit show.

We thought that there was a chance that the photo was fake, but in the interest of professional journalism, we did absolutely no research and posted it. Ha. Professionalism, ROFLMAO, it’s his junk, people. What did you expect? It’s not like we’re going to win any awards for our integrity here, it’s a gossip website.

The photo featured a well done Photoshopped picture, showing him pulling his pants down and leaving nothing to the imagination. NOTHING.

So, back to the buzzkill. Ryan’s representative is chiming in, saying that the photo isn’t real. BUZZKILL KILLINGTON.

Sorry kids, the closest you’re going to get to seeing Ryan in his birthday suit is what you get to see him reveal in True Blood. HATERS.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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