Sage Stallone’s Autopsy Is Being Done Today

Sage Stallone's Autopsy Is Being Done Today

Sylvester Stallone’s son Sage died on Friday from what was believed to be a drug overdose. Sage’s mother tried to reach him for three days before instructing the housekeeper to look in on him. That’s when his body was discovered and the Coroner’s Office was called. Rumor has it that his body had been there for days. As instructed, the housekeeper was not allowed to enter Sage’s bedroom or even knock on the door.

TMZ reports that Sage’s autopsy is currently underway today. Officials are looking into his cause of death, but we’re guessing that the preliminary report will reveal that he was on prescription medications. Toxicology reports usually take weeks, so the official cause of death may not be released today.

Stay tuned for any updates as they are revealed…

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