Sam Lutfi’s Case Against Britney Spears Dismissed

Sam Lutfi's Case Against Britney Spears Dismissed

Britney Spears’ former so-called manager Sam Lutfi’s case against the singer has been completely tossed out of court! Is anyone surprised by this?

During the trial, Sam claimed that he was owed money by Britney’s team for acting as her manager. He was the same guy who was accused by her mother of crushing up pills and putting them into her food. His time with Britney has long been referred to as her darker time, especially because of the mental issues of which she was suffering.

He was apparently struggling to prove that he was her manager at all. The judge in the case, Judge Suzanne Bruguera, has seen fit to throw the case out of court, saying that there is “not enough evidence to continue.”

In the trial, he also claimed that Britney’s mother Lynne defamed him in her book. He also said that Britney’s father Jamie has hit him at her mansion. Despite all of his claims, he was unable to prove that he actually managed her or her affairs at any time. He also could not prove that he was due 15 percent of her earnings. Reportedly, Sam has plans to appeal the judge’s decision.

Isn’t it time for him to fade away into irrelevance at this point? What do you think? Was he just using her for the fame? Or was there any good that came from their relationship?

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