Sandra Bullock Denies Jonathon Komack Martin Boyfriend Reports

Yesterday, OK! magazine ran with a report that suggested that since Sandra Bullock couldn’t snag her Proposal co-star Ryan Reynolds, she settled for his best friend, Jonathon Komack Martin.

It was rumored that they attended a party together and he was very much the gentleman. While that might actually be true, the rumors that they are more than just friends are just bunk. An eyewitness said, “Jonathon was very attentive to Sandra. He didn’t leave her side all afternoon. Sandra and Jonathon are great friends.”

They are actually working together as business partners and she insists that there isn’t anything there.

She said, “For over a decade now, I have been so lucky to have Jonathon and Ryan as my friends, and I agree with the reports that they are both very handsome and a great catch. But the only man who has stolen my heart is my son. And for now I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

So, don’t believe the hype! She’s totally doing the noble thing by putting herself aside and taking care of her adorable adopted son, Louis. Don’t you think?

Photo Credit: Survivor,

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