Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds Are Not Getting Married!

Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds Are Not Getting Married!

Star magazine wants to make us think that Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are going to get married one day. Since going on their hiking trip, rumors have started, suggesting that they are more than friends. Ryan even carried Louis on his back, so that HAS to mean that they’re doing it, right?!?

All the while, during their hiking trip, they supposedly talked about how they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Blah blah blah.

The inside snitch claimed that Ryan was so happy hanging out with Sandra that he said they should “just go ahead and tie the knot.” The source added, “Ryan is always saying silly things, making Sandra laugh, so she went along with it. But as the day went on, they started thinking about it, and soon the thought of spending their lives together didn’t sound all that ridiculous.”

As much of a cute couple that we think they are and no matter how much we want them to get together, they are only friends. Ryan’s rep said, “It is such crap”, in reference to the Star article, adding, “They’ve always been close friends!”

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  • Andree.

    I agree. it is a load of crap. People cannot be friends anymore without the media thinking it is something else. The media are such idiots and should leave Ryan and Sandra alone. There is nothing wrong with being good friends. I wish I was friends with them. What is next. Are people going to say that Ryan is gay? PLEASE.

  • Cats

    The dude does look and act gay. 

  • Cats

    The dude does look and act gay. 

  • Cats

    The dude does look and act gay. 

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  • Dandan Dandan

    I really hope they become a loving couple.  

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  • patty

    WHY NOT A COUPLE! ? who better to make your life happy and content – than a good (LOOKING – HOT – FUN – SEXY AS H3LL) friend. both of these great people ( as we think, we have NO idea if the media is hiding if their really demons…..really not , they seem cool) deserve a real chance at a real relationship , why not a friend. shoot, I would date them both just because they are both a complete package. I HOPE THEY DO GET MARRIED. I think people talk out loud like the way they did to test to see if the other person will give them the answer they wanted back. for these two- IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. MARK MY WORDS. these two belong together. If she doesn’t want him I WILL TAKE HIM — and  FOR GOOD! I love them both. they are lucky to be friends – why not lovers and why not married and happy, loving it up with Louis and a baby to come of their own ( in the future)

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