‘Saturday Night Live’ Is Suffering A Ratings Problem

'Saturday Night Live' Is Suffering A Ratings Problem

“Saturday Night Live” has a ratings problem. This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone, and this is especially true, in light of a recent episode that was hosted by Bill Hader. This specific episode had some of the fewest of all viewers. This fewest of all viewers did fall into the much beloved industry of eighteen to forty-nine demographic within the show’s forty year history. This not so good for “Saturday Night Live” considering that this least watched episode did tie another episode such as this one from last May. There were two new episodes from the new season which did not prove to the top and they only faired slightly better than these failed two episodes.

Why is “Saturday Night Live” not as “alive” as it once was? The answer is very clear and apparent. There has even been a loss of viewers from the live web viewership, which is indeed indicating in its own way, that this once very popular night-time comedy entertainment series is indeed faltering. Could these low figures be indicating a spiral downwards for Saturday Night Live? The answer could very well be a yes to this. However, this isn’t saying, it will die out all together. It is just saying that it presently has a rating issue.

What are some of the comments from around the internet about it? Commenters are saying that “Saturday Night Live” has gotten too political for its own good. While others are saying that it has too many African American performers or too few. Also, the comedy used is too insular, or maybe not insular enough. However, the general consensus is this from web commenters, and it is that it just isn’t that funny anymore. At least, not like it used to be, years ago. This is something which was always expected of from the show.

“SNL” is a much beloved television show and worth saving. So, whatever it does take, do save it for others to enjoy and experience for themselves.Just don’t up and let it die. It is living TV legend show.

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