Say wha? Starbucks’ music label, eh?

I guess they’re trying to get you when you go in for that morning latte…or, that afternoon frappuccino. Starbucks is launching their own music label, Hear Music.

According to CBC News, Starbucks is basically trying to infuse themselves into our musical selections and tastes:

Since buying California-based music retailer Hear Music in 1999, Starbucks has been making increasingly greater inroads into entertainment distribution.

The coffee chain had its biggest success with the non-exclusive sale of the Grammy-winning Charles album in 2004. Starbucks ultimately accounted for approximately a quarter of the album’s four million copies sold.

Are there any aspects that Starbucks won’t tread onto? Remember when they did that Yahoo Personals thing and speed dating over coffee?

What’s next? Starbucks baby blankets for nights when you’re kept up with your newborn and you’re trying to stay awake?

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