Scout Willis Arrested For Underage Drinking; Fake ID

Scout Willis Arrested For Underage Drinking; Fake ID

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter Scout has been busted in New York City after she was drinking underage in public and brandishing a fake ID. She was said to be drinking a beer in Union Square in public and when police officers confronted her, she showed them a fake ID card. Not too swift!

She was charged with criminal impersonation and a violation of the open container law, according to Scout will be 21-years-old on July 20th. She’s set to return to court on July 31st, after being released without bail on Tuesday.

When she was questioned by an officer, she showed him a New York ID card with the name Katherine Kelly on it. After continued questioning, she said, “My name is Scout Willis. The first ID isn’t mine. My friend gave it to me. I don’t know Katherine Kelly.”

What do you think of the law about waiting until you’re 21-years-old to drink? Should the spawn of celebrities get special privileges? Or should she be prosecuted? She likely won’t face any real trouble, considering that they’re both misdemeanor offenses.

Since, Scout’s attorney, Stacy Richman, has spoken on her client’s behalf. She said, “It would be outrageous to mar a person that’s clearly going places – clearly seeking to have a career — with a criminal record. The goal is clearly a non-criminal offer.”

After referring to Scout’s arrest as “ridiculous”, the attorney added, “Seriously, you were underage once…who wasn’t looking to get into a bar?”

Clearly, it appears that she’s looking for special treatment for her client…Don’t you think?

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