Selena Gomez Annoyed Over Justin Bieber Question

Selena Gomez Annoyed Over Justin Bieber Question

Disney starlet Selena Gomez would like very much to concentrate on her aspiring movie career, thank you very much!

Instead of fielding questions about her boyfriend, teen singer Justin Bieber, she would like to keep reporters focused on her own works. She is on tour currently and just starred in the super cute looking movie, Monte Carlo.

A reporter by the name of Michael Yo, asked Selena about Justin’s recent appearance at her California show. She reportedly “refused” to answer the question, according to Hollywood Life. Contradicting themselves, they report that Selena responded, “It’s not really about that. I think it’s definitely just about my tour and it’s about all this hard work I’ve done.”

When asked about who her dream duet would be with, she responded Bruno Mars, instead of her boyfriend, which seems to shock people. Like she can’t have any connections to anyone else but Justin. AND she should ONLY be asked questions about HIM, nevermind the fact that she has her own career.

What do you think? Should people concentrate on her music and movies and leave her alone about her boyfriend?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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