Selena Gomez feuding with Vanessa Hudgens?

Selena Gomez feuding with Vanessa Hudgens?

Uh oh, it’s a Disney catfight!

Reportedly, Selena Gomez has picked a bit of a beef with Vanessa Hudgens.

A source said, “Vanessa has been jumping from guy to guy and going out multiple nights a week. Selena’s very concious of what the public thinks, and she disapproves of Vanessa’s constant partying. It could reflect badly on her, too. She’s cutting back on her calls, and texts to Vanessa, and although she’s not going to outright dis her publicly, she’s definitely phasing her out.”

Did you even know that they were close? I imagine all of the Disney kids know of each other, but I doubt they’re sharing stories together with their mouse ears on in front of a camp fire.

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