Selena Gomez Only Had Two Friends In School

Disney starlet Selena Gomez revealed that she wasn’t exactly a popular kid at her school. She’s super famous now and is dating Justin Bieber, but things weren’t always so rosy for the singer. In fact, she only had a small handful of friends.

In a new interview with the Daily Mail, she revealed, “I was never the popular kid at school. I had two friends, but I just sat at the back of the room and got on with my work. School is such an awkward time in your life I was never confident in school. Nobody picked on me because my cousin was one of the popular gang.”

She also touched on the topic of the music industry. She went on to say, “There’s a lot of rejection in this industry and it’s tough. There are also a lot of obstacles that you have to go through and it can be really exhausting. But if you love it, then that’s all that matters.”

She added, “You’ve got to go for it. I still have people trying to bring me down, but I’m happy because I love what I do. Ignore the cruel jibes and stick with the nice people. I have a healthy, loving family and I have amazing fans. That’s all that matters to me. I try my best to not dwell in the bad stuff. Focus on the positive.”

Photo Credit: Felipe Ramales,

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