Selena Gomez Replacing Miley Cyrus In Hotel Transylvania

In November 2011, it was revealed that Disney starlet Miley Cyrus was cast as Adam Sandler’s vampire daughter in his upcoming animated movie, Hotel Transylvania.

War On Hollywood reports:

She’ll be playing Mavis, a teenage vampire whose father is in control of the vampire and monster community. Reportedly, Dracula constructs a luxury hotel where other monsters and their families can go to relax without humans bothering them.

Dracula’s motive in the movie is to keep his daughter under his watch. His plans are thrown astray when a human stays at the resort and discovers that he likes her.

Now, we’ve learned that Miley has dropped out of voicing the character. Instead, the role is doing to another Disney star, Selena Gomez!

Of course, Adam Sandler is set to voice the character of Dracula. The animated feature will also star The Voice judge, Cee Lo Green, along with Kevin James.

Will you take your kids to see Hotel Transylvania? It sounds like a really cute, family friendly movie. What do you think? Are you glad that Miley dropped out of it? It sounds to us as if she just wants more adult roles and wants to leave the kid parts to others more suited for it. Thoughts?

Photo Credit: Sam Sharma, Jeff Steinberg

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