Selena Gomez Suffering Blood Pressure Problems; Not Pregnant

Selena Gomez Suffering Blood Pressure Problems; Not Pregnant

In case you were wondering exactly what brought Disney starlet Selena Gomez to the hospital recently, we’ve got the scoop!

Selena was rushed to the hospital on Thursday, after doing an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. She complained of a severe headache and nausea — and it had nothing to do with being overexposed to The Chin™.

TMZ reports that she had undergone a number of tests for blood pressure issues since being taken to the local Los Angeles area hospital on Thursday. Doctors are still unable to determine what is causing her health problems, at this point.

On Friday, her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, tweeted his support — in the form of a hash tag. He tweeted, “#getwellselena”.

Since her hospitalization, there have been rumors floating around that she is pregnant. We can happily confirm that is not the case.

Stay tuned as any updates are made available!

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