Selena Gomez To Use Sex Appeal To Sell Her New Album?

Selena Gomez To Use Sex Appeal To Sell Her New Album?

Instead of going the way of the many pop stars before her and use her sexuality to sell her albums, Disney star Selena Gomez says that’s not the way for her. She even admits to feeling awkward in a bikini!

Her new album, When The Sun Goes Down, has already hit shelves, but don’t look to Selena to sex it up for album sales. In a recent interview with Time, she said, “Of course I’m becoming a woman, and I want to explore that side of myself but at the same time, I have to be true to those people that have been with me.”

She revealed, “I still get awkward if I’m in a bikini so I don’t think I’ll be doing anything too drastic anytime soon.”

Daily Fill reports:

Gomez also says that, while young male stars don’t have to endure that same pressure, she wouldn’t have it any other way, as she explained, “I have it better. Sometimes fans for male pop stars or actors can be a little crazy. I was that way with Jesse McCartney, and N’Sync. But I could probably have lunch with every single one of my fans. I like that I don’t seem unapproachable and that they’re not trying to get with me.”

Do you want to have lunch with Selena??? Are you going to buy her new album?

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