Selena Gomez wasn’t mad at Donnie Wahlberg over Justin Bieber ‘look’

Selena Gomez wasn't mad at Donnie Wahlberg over Justin Bieber 'look'

On Sunday during their presenting duties at the Grammy Awards, it was said that Selena Gomez got angry at Donnie Walhberg for giving her a “look” while saying Justin Bieber’s name. The rumor surfaced, saying that she was cursing backstage and was really mad.

From our report:

Gomez merely rolled her eyes for the audience, but we hear she stormed off backstage and “cursed up a storm” about Wahlberg’s unscripted gesture. “He went one way and she went the other,” a witness said. “She whined to her makeup artist and assistant, ‘How could he do that to me on camera?’ ”

Her rep is now addressing the reports, saying that they’re nothing but BS. The rep said, “Absolutely not true. Selena didn’t even give it a second thought. The story is inaccurate on every level, as her makeup artist and assistant weren’t even at the Grammys.”

I wasn’t buying it anyways! Selena seems like such a sweet kid. What do you think?

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