Selena Gomez Won’t See Justin Bieber’s New Movie

Selena Gomez Won't See Justin Bieber's New Movie

Former Disney star Selena Gomez won’t be rushing out to buy a ticket for her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber’s newest movie. Can you really blame her? They’ve been over for quite some time now and even though she is taking some time off for herself, it won’t be spent sitting in a theater thinking about the good old days with Justin.

His newest movie Believe will be in theaters on Christmas Day, but Selena won’t be in attendance. A source revealed, “I’m sure Selena will be tempted to watch Justin’s movie but it would be way too painful for her at this point.”

Painful or just pointless? Surely she may still hold some sort of feelings for Justin, but we highly doubt that they are still romantic ones… The source said, “She’s trying to put her focus anywhere but on Justin. She’s not over their breakup so watching his movie would just be torture for her.”

The source continued, “Selena still loves Justin but she will not be reaching out to him. She’s purposely not talking to him right now because she wants him to see what life is like without her in it. She’s hoping that he will miss her so much that it will force him to finally change.”

Do you really think that Selena is sitting around waiting on Justin to change?

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