Selena Gomez’s epic hissy fit over Justin Bieber at the Grammys?!?

Selena Gomez's epic hissy fit over Justin Bieber at the Grammys?!?

When Selena Gomez took to the podium with Donnie Wahlberg to present the award for Best Pop Vocal, he made it a point to look in her direction when rumored boyfriend Justin Bieber was mentioned! Now, we’re hearing that she went off about it!

Page Six reports:

Justin Bieber’s gal pal, Selena Gomez, had choice words for Donnie Wahlberg backstage at the Grammy Awards, for pointedly looking at her when he mentioned Bieber’s name as they presented an award on Sunday. Gomez merely rolled her eyes for the audience, but we hear she stormed off backstage and “cursed up a storm” about Wahlberg’s unscripted gesture. “He went one way and she went the other,” a witness said. “She whined to her makeup artist and assistant, ‘How could he do that to me on camera?’ ” A rep for Gomez didn’t get back to us.

I find it hard to picture Selena Gomez cursing up a storm about anyone or anything. Don’t you? She just seems way too wholesome for that.

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