Sharon Osbourne Blasts Ashton Kutcher Over Racist Ad

Sharon Osbourne Blasts Ashton Kutcher Over Racist Ad

Ashton Kutcher was blasted after doing an ad to promote his Popchips brand that was considered racist. The ad was said to be yanked from the internet, but we found no evidence of that. In the ad, Kutcher portrayed Raj, a Bollywood producer, along with Nigel, a hippie, Swordfish, a biker type and Darl, a fashion mogul.

The ad was put on blast by groups who called the Raj impression with Kutcher in “brown face”. Now, “America’s Got Talent” judge Sharon Osbourne is weighing in on the controversial advertisement. In effect, however, all of the press is just promoting Popchips for Kutcher’s benefit.

Osbourne took to her official Twitter account to say, “The problem with Ashton Kutcher’s ad is that his impressions were so lame and weak and that’s why it’s offensive!”

She was followed by Indian actor Aziz Anzari, who tweeted, “In light of the Ashton Kutcher PopChips scandal, I feel obliged to confess that in my AmEx spots I am also wearing brown face.”

Were you offended by the ad?

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