Sharon Osbourne Had Sex With Jay Leno

Sharon Osbourne Had Sex With Jay Leno

If you aren’t grossed out enough before breakfast time, we will repeat the headline. Sharon Osbourne has had sex with late night talk show host Jay Leno. Creeped out enough, yet?

Osbourne made the revelation on The Talk, but tried to feign memory loss when quizzed on the topic. E-Online reports:

Well, on today’s show Mrs. O admitted that Leno got in touch with her immediately after she went public with their short-lived romance.

“As soon as the show was finished he called me,” she explained. “He said, ‘Isn’t it amazing that…we were both single and we both found our love of our lives and we both got the longest marriages in Hollywood?'”

Co-host Julie Chen prodded Osbourne for more information. She asked, “You mean, you had sex with Jay Leno?”

In response, Osbourne said, “It was so long ago, I can’t remember. One cannot remember that long ago! I thought that everybody knew everything about me because I tell everything anyway, but this I don’t know why I just didn’t discuss it before or shared it or anything. And it’s not like it’s a dirty little secret.”

What a completely unmatched couple. Could you imagine what their children would’ve looked like? We can’t even fathom the thought. Leave your guesses in the comments.

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