Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne Split?

Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne Split?

We are completely and totally skeptical about there being any truth to the rumors that Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have split up. Can you believe it?

These two have been together for what seems like forever, but there are reports making the rounds that they are headed for a divorce.

The Sun has more of the details:

Rocker Ozzy, 64, has moved into a rented mansion. Sharon, 60, is in a hotel while her new home is renovated two miles away in Beverly Hills.

And last night straight-talking Sharon — who has had a double mastectomy — revealed: “He is getting on my new tits.”

In the past week Sharon and rock idol Ozzy have both been spotted without their wedding rings.
And the celebrity couple — married for 31 years — have not seen each other for three weeks.

They have moved out of their marital home and are now living two miles apart in Beverly Hills, California.

We’re still not buying this story whatsoever. Stay tuned as further details are released!

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