Sheryl Crow Granted Restraining Order Against Stalker

Sheryl Crow Granted Restraining Order Against Stalker

Fifty-year-old singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow has been granted a restraining order against her dangerous stalker, Philip Gordon Sparks. After the hour-long hearing, Superior Court Judge James Hahn granted Crow a restraining order against Sparks for the next three years. He was found to be stalking her after threatening to shoot her. In addition, Sparks also threatened movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

In her filing with the court, Crow said, “This statement was obviously extremely alarming to me. It was clear to me that he was deeply disturbed because his posts were delusional, rambling, filled with profanity and laced with angry rants.”

Sparks had accused both Crow and Weinstein of stealing millions of dollars from him, videotaping and following him without permission and leaving him homeless. A psychiatrist called Sparks “imminently dangerous”. Both parties have denied the allegations from Sparks, as neither claim to know him.

In August, Sparks was said to have shown up at the SAG offices where he told an employee that he was going to shoot both Crow and Weinstein. During Tuesday’s hearing, of which neither Crow nor Weinstein attended, Weinstein was also granted a three-year restraining order against Sparks.

Scary! We’re glad that they’re both okay. Let’s hope that this guy doesn’t do something crazy!

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