Simon Cowell Doesn’t Want To Change Diapers

Simon Cowell Doesn't Want To Change Diapers

Music mogul and X Factor head honcho Simon Cowell has vowed not to change dirty diapers when he becomes a father for the first time.

The expectant father insists he will be a good dad but has no intention of getting his hands dirty when it comes time to change the baby’s diapers.

In a new interview with the BBC, he said, “I’m not doing that, 100 percent absolutely not going near that… Once I got used to it, I did get excited. I will be a good dad, so I’m excited.”

Cowell is expecting his first child with socialite Lauren Silverman early next year.

Despite the fact that Cowell thinks that he is too good for diaper changing duty, do you think that he is going to make a good father? Certainly he has enough money to pay gobs to his many servants in order to get his son or daughter’s diapers changed, so it’s not like he won’t be there for the kid.

What are your thoughts on a dad who doesn’t want to change his own baby’s diapers? Hit the comments and leave us your thoughts!

Simon Cowell Doesn’t Want To Change Diapers was last modified: January 15th, 2015 by Jed Eckert
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