Simon Cowell Hypnotized By Dog On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Simon Cowell Hypnotized By Dog On 'Britain's Got Talent'

Popular TV show, Britain’s Got Talent is back for another year and as always, we’re seeing some weird and wacky acts. After the global success of dancing dog, Pudsey and his owner, Ashleigh, we’ve seen many more dog acts come and go but none as strange and mysterious as Princess, the “hypno-dog” that appeared on this series.

Krystyna Lennon brought her dog, Princess, onto the show who could apparently hypnotize people and Simon Cowell was one that went under Princess’ spell. Hypnotism is skeptical enough as it is, even with humans performing it, but a dog? It is certainly unique, but did it work? Well, Simon Cowell seems to think so.

Simon Cowell states that it definitely wasn’t fake when the dog hypnotized him on Britain’s Got Talent. The judge said it was one-hundred percent real and told the mirror, “I was getting tired and then went under. It is almost like your mind is telling you to do something which you shouldn’t be doing but you just go along with it.”

He added, “I just want to own the dog. You could literally rule the world with this dog because all it does is stare at you and you do what it wants.”

It is unclear as to whether anybody else – judges or audience – managed to get hypnotized by the dog but I’m not sure Simon needs any more leverage in his world domination plan. It seems he is doing pretty well already without a hypnotism dog as a sidekick.

A hula-hoop instructor, an all-female acapella singing group between the ages of 19 and 77 and Isaac Waddington, 15-year-old singer and piano player are only a few of the hopefuls to appear on this season of Britain’s Got Talent which is shown on ITV.

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