Simon Cowell Wants His Name Removed From Andrew Silverman’s Divorce Docs

Simon Cowell Wants His Name Removed From Andrew Silverman's Divorce Docs

In case you hadn’t heard, music mogul Simon Cowell knocked up his friend Andrew Silverman’s wife, Lauren. She’s said to be ten weeks along in her pregnancy and Andrew has already filed the documents to initiate divorce proceedings against her. In addition, he has named Cowell as an adulterer in the documents.

Cowell’s lawyers are said to be scrambling in order to remove his name from any legal documents. Despite all of the scandalous headlines, he is trying to disassociate himself from the drama. A source close to Cowell’s pregnant girlfriend said, “The lawyers are working out an agreement to drop the adultery claims.”

The source continued, “They were friends because of Lauren. He wants Andrew out of his life. Andrew’s acting out because he’s embarrassed. He named Simon in the divorce papers when there was no need to. Hopefully by next week Simon will be out of this.”

The source added, “They’re totally in love. They speak multiple times a day. Simon was surprised, but he’s very excited about the baby. He wants to have a girl, but they won’t know until the amniocentesis.”

Why on earth would they want to have an amniocentesis unless he’s trying to prove paternity? Usually a sonogram will determine the baby’s gender without having such an invasive procedure done on the mother. What do you think?

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