Simon Cowell Wants To Have Kids

Simon Cowell Wants To Have Kids

“The X Factor” head honcho Simon Cowell really wants to start a family — but only if he wouldn’t cheat on his baby’s mother. Who knew that Simon would want to be a dad?

In a recent interview, “Would I like kids? If I knew I could be, and how could I put this delicately, faithful, then yes. I do like kids. I’m not sure I would be a good dad for the first six months or so but once they know who I am, I would like it. I definitely haven’t ruled out having children.”

He went on to say, “I think I’d rather have my own, but then again I wouldn’t completely rule out adopting either. If I did have a child, I have to say I’d prefer a girl.”

His fellow “Britain’s Got Talent” judge Amanda Holden added, “He is so good with children. I want him to have children because he would genuinely be a fantastic dad because he is good fun. But there is no way he would go near a nappy or a poo or anything like that. When the baby’s walking and could have a conversation with him and know who he is, that would be fine.”

Do you think Simon Cowell would make a good father? Hit the comments and leave us your thoughts!

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