Sinead sympathizes with Hollywood’s A-Listers

Maybe it’s because she’s not one herself, but Sinead O’Connor has said that she is appalled by the media’s treatment of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan.

Say what?

She says, “I kind of feel slightly motherly about it. I think it’s horrible the way those girls are treated by the media. I think it’s appalling, Britney Spears especially. I’ve been watching lately the Paris Hilton thing with her being sent to jail and everything, and it’s horrible to see how people are treating her, like laughing at her and making a big joke out of it. In Paris Hilton’s case – OK, she’s famous for being famous – but that doesn’t give anyone the right to abuse and humiliate her.”

Okay, Sinead,whatever you’re smokin’, you need to pass that crap on….puff puff, pass. Don’t mess up the rotation!

Actually I did have the chance to listen to Sinead sing live at the House of Blues a couple of years ago. She was a great performer and it was a rockin’ good time. I don’t think it’s cause to try to keep yourself in the spotlight, though. You have a name that’s recognized and so you use your celebrity status to publicly state that you feel for these socially inept people? All three of the girls that she talks about have some wicked issues. I just have to say this much, if you’re rich enough to be able to afford a nice brand new Mercedes, then hire a driver, dummy.

Wouldn’t you agree?

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