Slash handled Axl Rose with kid gloves

Slash has gone on the record to basically say that his ex-bandmate, Axl Rose is a mental case. Slash says that Axl once fell asleep on his mother’s couch and his grandmother had nowhere to sit. He tried to speak on the situation, but Axl hopped out of the car at 35-40mph.

Rocker SLASH had to treat his GUNS N’ ROSES bandmate AXL ROSE with “kid gloves” or risk the singer jumping out of moving vehicles. The guitarist learned early on that volatile Rose wasn’t a fan of criticism – when he threw himself out of a car after Slash reprimanded him for being rude to his mother. Rose was living with Slash in the mid-1980s and upset the guitarist’s family after taking offence to a polite request to move off a sofa he had fallen asleep on. Slash recalls, “One morning, I took off to work, and in the afternoon I guess he woke up and passed out on my grandmother’s couch. “I came home from work and my mom said, `You know, that guy Axl, I came home and he was asleep on the couch and grandma had nowhere to sit.’ “I told him he had to get up and whatnot, so he went downstairs.’ I thought I had to confront this issue. “So we got in the car and I very delicately put it that that was sort of rude. His reaction was to jump out of the car at about 35, 40 miles per hour on Santa Monica Boulevard. I realised what I’d said to him had offended him.”

Sounds like a nutjob to me.


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