Sleepy Hollow Season One Finale Recap

Sleepy Hollow Season One Finale Recap

WARNING: This post contains obvious spoilers for the two-part season finale of Sleepy Hollow, titled The Indispensable Man and Bad Blood. If you do not wish to know what happens in the finale, please come back later when you have seen the show.

War came to Sleepy Hollow with a familiar face in the two-hour season finale of the hit show. Moloch’s evil plan seems to be coming together as the prophecy comes to fruition. The prophecy stated that Ichabod Crane would deliver Abbie Mills’ soul to Moloch. Technically, she was delivered to Moloch, as she and Ichabod went into Purgatory together. Another technicality is that War has been there all along — for ten years, to be precise. We’ll get to that later…for now, let’s get on with our recap.

The show kicks off with Ichabod’s voice saying his outgoing voicemail message. A few minutes later, Abbie is giggling at Ichabod’s inability to overcome the spellcheck on his flip-phone. Cute. “POOR. TELEPHONE. RECEPTION.”

Andy visits Abbie to tell her to turn over Washington’s Bible to Moloch for a high position in his new order, but she isn’t feeling it. Instead, she locks him up to the radiator, but he breaks his own thumb to be freed. Andy retreats to a cave where he begs Moloch to be his weapon. Thus, he is cocooned and reborn as a demon.

Ichabod recalls a previous conversation with George Washington and looks to his Bible for the answers regarding Lazarus. As a zombie, George charted a map to Purgatory. Of course, it’s not in the Bible itself, because that would be too easy. Reverend Alfred Knapp’s name was among the list of resurrection conspirators and that leads Ichabod and Abbie to seek out the Sin Eater AKA Henry Parish for his help with the Reverend’s prayer beads. They discover that George’s body was buried alongside the Hudson River on Bannerman Island. Ichabod uses his masonic know-how to find the location of the grave so that they can retrieve the map.

Outside, Ichabod stares at the map before deciding it best to let it burn with a promise not to betray Abbie’s trust. The next morning, Henry barrels into the house to tell Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny that War is coming tonight during the eclipse. They suggest to put a binding spell on the place from which he comes, but there are no witches in Sleepy Hollow. Thus, it becomes useful that Ichabod has a photographic memory and has already redrawn the map to Purgatory.

Off Abbie and Ichabod go into Purgatory, but not without the warning not to eat nor drink anything so that they may leave. Ichabod and Abbie see themselves as what they would’ve wanted — had they not been witnesses. They both break free of their illusions and fist bump each other to show that they are legitimate. They end up finding Katrina in Purgatory and Abbie opts to stay so that Katrina can leave and do the binding spell. They chant their way out of Purgatory, leaving Abbie behind to finally face Moloch on her own.

Katrina tries to bind the ground where War will rise, but fails miserably. That’s when it is revealed that Henry Parish is actually Jeremy Crane. Jeremy, as in Ichabod and Katrina’s long-buried son. He is the horseman of War. What a twist. Jeremy/Henry tosses Ichabod into the casket in the ground to be buried while he breaks the seal of the apocalypse.

What did you think of the season finale of the show? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! John Noble pleasantly surprises as the second most evil thing to come to Sleepy Hollow. Thoughts?

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