Smash Recap: Season 1 Episode 4 ‘The Cost Of Art’

Smash Recap: Season 1 Episode 4 'The Cost Of Art'

Monday night’s episode of Smash was not one to be missed! This episode was titled The Cost Of Art and features Katharine McPhee’s character Karen learning what it means to be part of the ensemble and not the star of the show.

It was Karen VS. Ivy as they began rehearsals for Marilyn. Karen spots Ivy with Derek and then learns that it’s likely that she got the lead role because she was hooking up with him. Karen is the outcast and Ivy is the favorite of the entire ensemble, so they all basically snub her.

Eileen decides to sell one of her expensive paintings to fund the musical’s production. Her plan was thwarted by an auction employee, who tells her that the painting is still owned by her husband.

All throughout the workshop, Ivy makes is plain and clear that Karen is too loud and is pretty much out-performing her. Karen has it out with another of the dancers, telling her that she should be behind her. Several of the ensemble members stage an intervention for Karen, to teach her how to be part of the team. She’s got so much pizazz, but it’s too much for an ensemble member.

Derek invites Ivy, Julia and Tom to a party for a child actor named Lyle (as played by Nick Jonas). As it turns out, his television show just went into syndication, earning him a cool $80 million.

Tom is at dinner with a lawyer and they are hitting it off. Eileen offers to sell her painting to Lyle, but instead he wants to invest in Marilyn. Before he takes that step, he wants to know if the show is any good. She tells Julia to call Tom and Michael to the party so they can give him a preview. Ivy performs a song from Marilyn Monroe’s USO show, much to the delight of all in attendance.

After the performance, Ivy notices that Derek is hitting on another woman. He slides his hand down her backside, prompting her to ask Lyle to show her the bedrooms. He’s more than willing and they happen upon Eileen admiring her painting. Lyle tells her that he’ll be in her office on Monday.

Ivy confronts Derek about his d-bag behavior, but he says that he was only flirting with a potential investor. Ivy then tells him that the show means everything to her and she wants security. He tells her that if she wants security, to join the chorus. He offers to “show her the bedrooms”, to which she agrees.

Dev buys drinks for Karen’s new friends at the bar, where they perform Adele’s song, Rumor Has It. Katharine McPhee surely can sing!

Will Derek replace Ivy with Karen, even though he’s hooking up with the former? What do you think? At least Karen is trying to get there on her own merits and doesn’t have to sleep her way to the top, right? What did you think of the show? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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