Snooki Practices Parenting With A Baby Doll

Snooki Practices Parenting With A Baby Doll

No one has ever said that Snooki was smart — and she’s an “accomplished” author, television star and soon-to-be mother. Ha. Scary, isn’t it? To think that Snooki is actually procreating with someone? This is our up and coming generation, Idiocracy, isn’t it lovely?

Since telling the world via a tabloid that she’s knocked up by her fiance Jionni LaValle, she has taken to practicing for impending motherhood by using a baby doll. So she’s taking us all back to high school with this fake baby crap? Seriously, this is entertainment?!?

She and pal JWoww have been pushing around baby dolls in their strollers — all over Jersey City, New Jersey. They have even fed the dolls with bottles and covered them up with blankets.

So MTV is basically all out of ideas here. Snooki can no longer hump plants and get so drunk that she smooshes any random guido so it’s all over now.

I can only imagine what the next season of Jersey Shore is going to be like now that Snooki can’t drink and The Situation is in rehab. For five seasons, the show has been about this midget getting wasted and having sex with whoever. Now what?!?

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