Snooki Shows Off 42 Pound Weight Loss (Photo)

Snooki Shows Off 42 Pound Weight Loss (Photo)

Former “Jersey Shore” star Snooki appears on the latest cover of “Us Weekly” magazine and apparently she has dropped a total of 42 pounds! Congratulations to her on her epic weight loss! From the magazine’s report:

There’s a little bit less of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to go around these days — 42 pounds’ worth! The former Jersey Shore party girl, 25, has experienced a complete life makeover since last year, thanks to her engagement to boyfriend Jionni LaValle, her first-ever pregnancy, and the August birth of her adorable baby boy Lorenzo.

“When you have a baby, everything changes,” the 4-foot-9 star says in the new issue of Us Weekly. Part of Snooki’s transformation? She’s shed an astounding 42 pounds since giving birth, weighing in at a 102 pounds and revealing the sexy results for Us in body-revealing bikinis.

“I lost it for me,” she tells Us, “but I also wanted Jionni to know that I can be hot as a mom.”

She also talked in a recent interview about her former high school days. She said, “Well, I didn’t have confidence in high school. I think because I got bullied a lot, and people were just mean. And not because I was a weirdo, but because people were threatened by me and my friends I think, and that’s why they were so mean to us. I was very shy in high school. So that’s made me into the person I am, that I don’t care what people think. I’m a great person, and I’m going to live my life, and if you don’t like it then step aside.”

She went on to say, “And I think that’s how everybody should view life. Do what you want and don’t care about what other people think because you aren’t living for anybody else but yourself.”

She also discussed her sex life with fiance Jionni LaValle and how things have changed since giving birth to their son Lorenzo. She said, “We still try to have sex a lot, and i think we do, but it definitely is different after a baby. It kind of hurts a little bit. You know, cause you pushed something out of there. It kind of makes it difficult, but we still try to have sex – because you still have to have a relationship.”

After she has three more kids, she says that she’s looking forward to getting a boob job. She added, “I’m not one to get surgery. I’ve never been under before and it just scares the sh** out of me. I’m just going to do my boobs. I’ve always wanted a boob job because I have big boobs, but when I take the bra off, they sag. I hate that. Everyone’s telling me to get them done after I have my kids. So I’m going to pop ’em out and then get a boob job. I love Jenni’s boobs, and I want boobs like that. And I think Jionni does, too.”

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