Snoop Dogg Arrested Over Marijuana In Texas

Snoop Dogg Arrested Over Marijuana In Texas

It’s never been a secret that rapper Snoop Dogg is a fan of the puff puff pass. Now, we’ve learned that Snoop was arrested over the weekend in Texas, when a drug-sniffing dog found weed on his tour bus. Maybe he found some Texas resources for addicts that helped him clear his mind and need for marijuana? We could only hope, right?

According to law enforcement, Snoop’s tour bus was stopped at a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca. That’s the same place that busted Willie Nelson for the same thing in 2010!

They took the drug-sniffing dog through the bus and it found the pot in a waste container. TMZ reports:

The agents claim they found a red prescription bottle with several joints inside. We’re told the bottle contained under a half-ounce quarter-ounce of weed.
(FTFY, love earsucker)

Cops say Snoop admitted the dope belonged to him. Snoop has a prescription for cannabis in California, but law enforcement tells us, there is a zero tolerance policy for weed in Texas … regardless of his status in other states.

Snoop was issued a citation for misdemeanor drug possession and released. If convicted on the drug charge, Snoop could face up to 180 days in jail.

Seriously. He has a prescription for the stuff. It’s not that serious, people. FREE SNOOP!

UPDATE: We can accurately report that Snoop is dealing with police drama over a whopping .13lb, which is less than a quarter-ounce of weed, which is also less than the half-ounce TMZ reported. It’s really not much.

Our advice to the citizens of Sierra Blanca, Texas is to allocate their police a little smarter to do real police work and find some real criminals, not set up Nazi roadblocks that ensnare dope smoking millionaire music stars. You think Snoop Dogg is the least bit worried about this? Pshaaa.

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