Spencer Pratt to intern for Ryan Seacrest?

Spencer Pratt to intern for Ryan Seacrest?

Yesterday, we’ve learned that Ryan Seacrest is really, super kind to famewhores. Not like that’s any kind of surprise, considering that he keeps Kim Kardashian on television.

But, since being a reality show villain has worked out so well for Spencer Pratt (enter sarcasm here), he is now groveling at the feet of the most well liked guy in the entertainment world right now.

Gossip Sucker reports:

He reportedly wrote an email to Ryan’s talent agent, Amy Sugarman, asking for the chance to work for Ryan. He told her, “I’m trying to change my image and make myself more likable.”

Good luck with that one! Let us know how that works out for ya!

Thursday, he called in to discuss the idea with Ryan. He said, “How do you go from being hated to even a little bit likable? It’s about who you’re around. I’ve learned you need to be around likable people to even start to be likable. Who’s the most likable person in America, if not the world? That would be Ryan Seacrest.”

Too funny. At least he really wants some honest employment…that’s got to count for something, right?

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