Sponsored Post: 5 Of The Craziest Celebrity Parties

Sponsored Post: 5 Of The Craziest Celebrity Parties

Everyone knows, based on the tabloids in grocery stores, the news that’s shown on TV, and the articles available online daily, that celebrities know how to party hard. Oftentimes, celebrities get so carried away that they end up drunk driving, doing drugs, and getting involved in other scandals that get them into trouble, in jail, and into the courtroom for sentencing. Other times, though, they manage to keep it together.
It seems that celebs just want to have fun, so we’ve compiled a list of five of the craziest and most elaborate celebrity parties ever. Check them out below.

Oprah Winfrey’s 40th Birthday Party

Oprah Winfrey has made a number of celebrity buddies throughout the years, what with her hugely popular talk show and acting career. She seems to be adored not only by her fans but also her colleagues, which is why it is no surprise that, when she was ready to throw a party for her 40th birthday, Jay Leno did not think twice about being the person to bring out her 400 lb. cake, which was decorated with thousands of flowers. And it is also not a surprise at all that Tina Turner, Oprah’s favourite singer, was willing to sing at this event too.

Nicholas Cage’s Unforgettable Holiday Party

Nicholas Cage wanted to celebrate the holidays in a big way in 2003, so he decided to use tables that were made out of carved ice, get two massive nutcracker figures to stand guard at the entrance to his gorgeous mansion, and hire people to create fake snow to transform the surroundings into a winter wonderland. Jay Leno and Hugh Hefner were just two of the many celebrities in attendance, and everyone commented about what an amazing event it turned out to be.

Simon Cowell’s 50th Birthday Bash

When Simon Cowell of American Idol fame turned 50, he knew it was time to crank up the party. And his guests were anyone and everyone who had made a name for themselves in the music and entertainment industries, of course. He paid a limousine to chauffer all of his 400 guests to his mansion, which is located in Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire, and he even had a shark tank installed for their amusement, along with a lavish buffet of delicious foods they could dig into.

Elton John’s 50th Birthday Party

Another celebrity who knew how to party for his 50th birthday is Elton John. But unlike Simon who made the event itself and the setting the centre of attention, Elton took a different route and made himself the focus of the bash. Dressed up as Louis XIV, complete with huge wig, Elton partied with a whopping 500 guests.

P Diddy’s 40th Birthday Celebration

You know P Diddy partied hard to celebrate his 40th birthday because he admitted that he had his first hangover in five years as a result of the unforgettable night in New York. He hired a professional event planner to help him in creating a fantasy dreamland for his guests, complete with performance art, a fashion show, and a maze. Musicians and celebrities that included The Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z, and Rachel Hunter, flocked to the event and had a blast alongside P Diddy.

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